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About Us

Women on the Watch (WOW) Society Initiative is a South African registered as NPC and NPO.

It is a Non-Governmental Organisation as well as a Centre and Institute for women, children and development of Societies.

It is made up of women from diverse professional background and career, women in business and artisans coming together to make life better for each other, for needy women, for the generality of women and for the society.

It is an initiative which adopts a holistic and inclusive strategy to achieve its purpose. Its strategy is wholistic and inclusive because it engages all possible approach, including mobilising men and other citizens in the society to achieve its objectives.

Our Vision

To be an international/African’s leading Organisation to develop women and girls for economic, social and emotional stabilities and to emphasize the value of women and the girl child in the society. The strategies are through research and engagement in women and children's issues of personal, social, economic empowerment, leadership, innovation, advocacy, and community/society development.
Our uniqueness is more than one: WOW is an advocacy, research, law, human rights and development expert-based initiative, it is community/society conscious. We handle everything from a professional perspective because we are women experts and professionals from all fields of life, law, health, engineering, technology, education and business.

Our Mission

To empower women and children by providing information, education, training, skills, learning, support, resources, a secure environment, and sense of community.
The Initiative also supports the empowerment and connection of women locally and globally by building capacity, initiating, promoting change, and leading the way to a non-violent, socially just, healthy, and diverse society. Our mandate is to enrich the lives of women and children in our communities and through that develop the society. We also work in the community with many different groups and individuals to serve one purpose: to help women and children achieve their full or optimum potential in life.

Our Values

Society Focus, development oriented, inclusive, Participatory, Transparency and Accountability, Social Justice and Human Dignity, Mutual Respect, Women and children’s Rights and Solidarity.